Cruise Lifestyle: Choosing the right cruise ship cabin

For some, a cabin is just a room in which to sleep, for others it can make or break a cruise holiday. The cabin you choose depends on what you want from your cruise vacation. Here’s our guide to help you make the right choice.

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Cruise Lifestyle: Cruise ship dos and don’ts for first time cruisers

For many cruisers based in the Middle East a cruise is a relatively new experience and can be a little overwhelming. For this reason, Cruise Arabia & Africa has put together a list of dos and don’ts for our readers taking to the high seas for the first time.

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Cruise Review: Queen Mary 2

In light of Queen Elizabeth’s upcoming arrival in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in April, 2014 when she will commence her 20-night voyage from Dubai to Portugal (part of her 2014 World Cruise), Cruise Arabia decided to undertake the second-best tour de force to a World Cruise aboard the Cunard flagship the Queen Mary 2: a Trans-Atlantic crossing.

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Historical: History of air-conditioning at sea

Imagine standing on a sweltering promenade deck aboard a ship rolling sluggishly from side to side as it pushes its way through a lazy swell that shimmers like oil in the hot afternoon sun. There is very little breeze because the ship is sailing with the wind and indoors it feels like a stifling furnace. This was the reality of an ocean crossing during the summer months in warm climates in the early 20th century – until the SS Mariposa set sail in 1931 and changed the ocean liner industry forever.

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Cruise Lifestyle: First hypoallergenic cabins at sea

There’s no better feeling than slipping into bed on a cruise ship. The fresh, crisp sheets, the gentle hum of the air-conditioning and ship’s engines, perhaps the occasional creak of a bulk head if you’re cruising through rough weather, but, imagine if you knew

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Ship Review: Costa Favolosa

Launched in 2011, the 114,500 gross ton Costa Favolosa is Costa’s newest ship and the latest addition to the Concordia-class mega cruise liners, joining her sister ships Serena (of Cruise Diaries fame) and Pacifica. Costa Concordia was until 2012 the flagship of this class. In a sign of the growing prominence of the UAE cruise market and Dubai as a regional cruise hub, Costa based their newest ship out of the Gulf in 2012, with Fortuna and Serena taking her place for the 2013 and 2014 cruise season.

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