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Refit Review: Four things we love about Disney Wonder’s latest refit

Disney Cruise Line’s ship Disney Wonder has had an update – check out the fabulous new experiences on board for kids and grown-ups alike…

Disney Wonder now offers an exclusive new theatrical production, Frozen A Musical Spectacular, as well as imaginative spaces for kids, a jazzy restaurant and an English pub.

Frozen Line - the musical now available aboard Disney Wonder.

Frozen Live

The beloved animated hit Frozen debuts as a new stage show exclusively aboard. The story is presented like never before, with an innovative combination of traditional theatrical techniques, modern technology and classic Disney whimsy.

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The show follows the captivating adventure of royal sisters Anna and Elsa as they embark on a journey to discover the meaning of sisterhood, inner strength and true love. Fans of the film and newcomers alike are enchanted by their favourite characters brought to life onstage to the sounds of beautiful renditions of the movie’s iconic music.

Songs such as For the First Time in Forever and Love is an Open Door are expanded into ensemble pieces and the film’s wintry wizardry is realised in lavish production numbers of In Summer and Fixer Upper. A stand-out moment, the emblematic ballad Let it Go is transformed into a full-fledged stage spectacle; complete with real-life magic – transformative scenery, snow flurries and state-of-the-art video technology – this show-stopping number brings Elsa’s enchanted icy blasts to reality like never before.

Marvel Superhero Academy is now aboard Disney Wonder

Marvel Super Hero Academy

An exciting addition to Disney’s Oceaneer Club, the interactive space for kids, the Marvel Super Hero Academy brings the Marvel universe to life. Here, young guests can develop the brave and adventurous heroes inside themselves.

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Expect extraordinary adventures in which each young guest plays an integral role. With the mentorship of qualified staff under the guise of some of Marvel’s greatest super heroes, young trainees learn the value of teamwork, bravery and problem-solving through hands-on play.

For example, in one mission, Spider-Man appears in person to help children hone their spider senses by perfecting their skills of reflex, speed and sharp minds. Children work on their web-slinging and then get to see themselves in the headlines of the Daily Bugle.

Tiana's Place Restaurant aboard Disney Wonder.

Tiana’s Place Restaurant

Inspired by Princess Tiana in the Disney animated feature The Princess and the Frog, Tiana’s Place restaurant transports guests to an era of southern charm, spirited jazz and street party celebrations. With a menu influenced by southern-style cuisine and New Orleans-style entertainment.

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From Tiana’s family photos to water lily-shaped candleholders to her framed culinary awards – all details help tell the timeless tale of Tiana’s journey from waitress to frog to princess to proud restaurant owner.

Crown and Fin aboard Disney Wonder.

Crown & Fin English Pub

The adult district includes a brand-new watering hole that invites guests to an authentic English tavern. Observant guests may discover this is no ordinary pub. Subtle nods to classic Disney films set in London can be found in the artwork and accessories.

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At heart, though, the Crown & Fin is a medley a friendly old British pub remembered, with lots of dark woods, plush leather furniture and brass accents, plus a selection of specialty brews – including one made especially for this bar!

Disney Wonder - four things we love about her refit

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